About me

Hello, my name is Steeven Mou Sang and my goal is to become an Architect!

Its 2015, and I back at uni to learn more about Architecture and get a degree.

A few years back, I studied 3D animation and aim to work in the gaming industry, but after graduation I couldn’t find a job so I took a course to learn Autocad which lead to my first job in Architecture.

Since then I have been doing drawings for building/resource consent and concept design for new builds and subdivision. Even without a formal degree in Architecture, I manage to do some good work which was mainly thanks to the awesome people I worked with.

However, I always felt there was something missing in my work, I had some good knowledge about how a house was put together, but never had a clear understanding why it was build this way, and that’s why I decide to go back to school.

This blog will my space to share my experience at school, talk about the project/research are work on, and if you are a student like me, provide you some tutorials and tips that can help you in studio.